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About Us


We’re a national agency with boots (and stilettos) on the ground in Texas and our approach is unlike most. We believe in providing an all inclusive strategic package of services without any unexpected charges or hidden fees.


From the inception of SMPR in 2000, it was and has been designed to remain a boutique agency with the power to bring the same results found at the larger firms but with the personal relationships that a core team can deliver. We have relationships with specialists, brands, writers, media outlets, influencers the world over and understand how to give them what they need to tell your most compelling story.


Not every client or every project needs the same elements in their plan, with the boutique agency model in mind and extensive relationships with outside experts that span the country and who encompass a broad scope of portfolios as well as price ranges, SMPR is able to selectively build and manage a team that focuses on what you need and when you need it.


Each member of our core talented team brings a unique skill set to the party and we select only the best for every project. That’s when the magic happens.

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